Alana Ladson

Spy Girl Project

Character designs for Spy Girl!

Angelina (Angie, Ang), 26

Evening Dress Turnaround

Maya, 24

Relaxed Work From Home Outfit Turnaround.

It Didn’t Hurt At All

Maya tending to Angie’s wounds. Maya says they’re pretty minor, but she thinks Ang should be more careful…

Angelina (Continued)

Maya, 24

Smol yet swol, Maya is a master engineer who is always making something new. Maya likes to read and play around with new tech alone in her home.  Smiles rarely when interacting with other people, unless she’s talking about a new book or piece of tech or merch she’s got. However, once she’s your friend, you’ve got a smol, slightly angy friend for life that might just build you something…

Angelina (Ang, Angie), 26

A master user and con artist, Angie has no problem using people (particularly dastardly doers) to get by or more. Acrobatic, cunning, and sickeningly charming, she has the ability to steal the spotlight in any room. Her weakness is fashion– she loves a good boot and has at least 7 little black dresses on hand (one for each day obviously, just in case.). Ang has an unassuming secretarial/assistant job in the time. There she is silent but deadly…no not like a fart. 

The CEO is constantly struggling and she’s always close behind, providing answers. The perfect assistant! She could be the CEO, but Angie likes to lay low and hasn’t tried to advance in the company. Despite her lower position and pay, she is always quietly flexing in high end label clothing and shoes.